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You and your business depend on people. How well we interact with, communicate and influence each other.

Sometimes people clash… It’s normal, but when it affects productivity & teamwork in your organisation… It needs to change.

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DiSC Workshops – An Investment in Your Success

The people in your team are your most valuable resource. A DiSC workshop for your team has these main benefits:

  • Immediate Improved of Morale
  • Optimisation of Teamwork and leadership
  • Dramatically Enhanced Relationships
  • More Efficient Communication
  • Maximised Productivity
  • Individual Coaching and Support

Invest in you and your team’s behavioural and communication success. Contact us today to discuss our DiSC program and modules.

But What Is DiSC Profiling?

and is it relevant to me?

DiSC analysis is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork, leadership and communication. DiSC is non-judgmental and helps people discuss their behavioural differences.

DiSC is an effective tool and method to support:

  • an aligned cohesive approach within teams
  • better management of staff and customers
  • increase in personal and team effectiveness
  • understand the source of conflict and use conflict as a constructive exchange

Differences in People

The best teams have diverse skills, backgrounds and experiences.

We believe in mutual understanding, trust and respect. A DiSC assessment highlights the benefits of a multi diverse team and the power of relationships

Training Your Team to Understand & Appreciate the Differences in In Their Team Members

Style Diversity

Our DiSC training workshops and seminars give your team tools and skills they need to understand and appreciate the behavioural styles of others, in and out of the training room. It’s the catalyst to great communication and better relationships and has an exponential effect on effectiveness and productivity.

The DiSC Model – A Model for Understanding Styles Of Behaviour

The DiSC Behavioral Style Model was developed by William Moulton Marston, Ph.D., more than 75 years ago, and has become one of the most widely-used models for understanding the behavioural differences in people. Its popularity has much to do with extraordinary results and rapid change, but also because it is simple and easy to understand.

The DISC model is comprised of four primary behavioural styles: D, I, S and C.

Which Style is Best? 

The model doesn’t focus on good or bad. What is good is the ability to understand, communicate with and appreciate someone whose style is different from yours. That is the focus of the DiSC model and of our training workshops and seminars.

DISC Training Workshops:

Our DiSC training workshops provide the members of your team with a new vocabulary for describing the differences in people. I’s and C’s are very different. They think differently, they communicate differently, they behave differently, and they often experience style conflict.

When you understand that the conflicts you have with your boss are the natural result of the differences in your styles, you can begin to describe address things differently.


  • A Tool for Behavioral Change

The Language of DiSC is a tool that leads to behavioural change. When we clearly see the differences between D’s, I’s, S’s and C’s, we stop treating people the same way. We change the way we communicate with people based on their style; and in the process, the behaviour of everyone involved changes. DISC is a tool that builds mutual understanding, communication, teamwork, trust and respect among team members.

  • Relationship Management Training

Effective teamwork requires relationship-building. Managers, supervisors and employees all need to take more responsibility for building and managing their relationships. DiSC training is relationship management training. It’s about taking the leadership role in resolving conflict and transforming working relationships into partnerships. By scheduling a DiSC training workshop for your team, you will enable each team member to become a more effective relationship manager.

  • How Do You Define the Team?

This depends on where you would like to see more teamwork. The team can be defined as a group of people in the same department who work together every day. The team can also be defined as people from different functional areas who need to see themselves as part of the same team. The team can even stretch beyond the boundaries of your organisation to include your clients and customers. A DiSC training workshop or a series of workshops can include everyone in your organisation as well as your external partners.

Don’t wait to schedule a DiSC training workshop until communication and teamwork become a significant problem. If they are a problem, by all means, contact us immediately, so we can schedule a workshop right away. But no matter how good your team may be, communication & teamwork can always be improved. When you schedule a DiSC training workshop for your team, it sends all the right signals. Enable your team to move from good to great!


We customise our workshops and seminars to meet your needs. 


How To Book:

Step #1 – Contact us for more information about our training programs.

We will answer your questions and send you more specific information, including pricing, in an email.

Step #2 – We will then schedule a call to discuss your group, your objectives, and the options we can offer you in terms of workshop format and content.

After the call, we will email you a detailed outline and agenda for a customised workshop for your group.

Step #3 – You maximise productivity and optimise teamwork.